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Webinar: Zelle® in a Nutshell: Another Faster Payment Option
Date: January 30, 2018
Location: Your Own PC
Description: Money is moving faster every day and the technology making that happen continues to evolve. Part three of our faster payments webinar series focuses on Zelle®. Like other faster payments options such as Same Day ACH, offered by NACHA, and Real-Time Payments, accessible through The Clearing House, Zelle® offers solutions for financial institutions (FI), for P2P payments and disbursements.

Webinar: Faster Payments on the Card Network
Date: February 22, 2018
Location: Your Own PC
Description: Part four in our Faster Payments webinar series focuses on the advancements within the card network. Visa Direct and MasterCard Send™ are two technologies now available to businesses and consumers to move money faster. But, what exactly are these technologies, how do they work and are they of any benefit to you?

Payments Innovation Alliance February 2018 Meeting
Date: February 28 — March 2, 2018
Location: Hotel Nikko San Francisco
Description: The Alliance will meet to kick off 2018 with a meeting in San Francisco to bring together content and focus across all payment areas, including emerging payment technologies, electronic billing and presentment, mobile, payment security/risk and global payments.

Date: April 29 — May 2, 2018
Location: San Diego Convention Center
Description: The PAYMENTS conference, a proven, well-respected, and powerful event, provides the right tools for the right solutions. PAYMENTS provides the latest research, industry pilot results, insights, trends, and forecasts delivered by expert payments practitioners from all around the world.

The Payments Institute 2018
Date: July 22 — 25, 2018
Location: Emory Conference Center Hotel
Description: The Payments Institute 2018

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